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ABC Berries

Dozen Cookies (Shipped)

Dozen Cookies (Shipped)

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Our Dozen Cookies are a huge fan favorite! Choose ONE of the flavors below.

Cookies can last for two weeks at room temperature in an air tight container. Please do not refrigerate cookies as it hardens and dries them out. For long term storage freeze cookies in an air tight container/bag for up to two months.

ALLERGEN WARNING - Cookies contain milk, butter, and flour.

Refund/Return Policy - Final sale for all items. No refunds. No Exchanges.

Shipping Information - Nationwide shipping available. Please allow 2-3 business days from order date for items to ship. We are not responsible for order once it is shipped.

*All shipped cookies are individually wrapped and heat sealed. Due to heat sealing some toppings such as caramel and glaze may stick to the packaging.

(Made in a Home Kitchen, Permit # PR151990-A)

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